Ideal Standard to reach 2 bln EGP in sales by end of 2018

Ideal Standard  is expected to reach a total of 2 billion Egyptian Pounds sales in 2018 through introducing its pioneering vision in design as it connects technology and real world needs without compromising on experience or performance.

During a press conference held today at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Ideal Standard, global leading provider of innovative bathroom solutions, celebrated its 35th anniversary in the Egyptian market.

With total bathroom solutions as its core business for 150 years, and with presence in the MENA region since the 1960s, Ideal Standard designs, manufactures and supplies bathroom innovations for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

“Since 1983, our wide range of products has been able to earn our customers’ trust through providing unique, durable, and functional solutions,” says Ahmed Hafez, Chief Executive Officer at Ideal Standard MENA.Throughout its presence in the Egyptian market, the company’s production and export volumes recorded a growing increase from 15% in 1990, to 50% in 2018,“Ideal Standard currently operates through 47 factories around the globe, 6 of which are in Egypt’s 10th of Ramadan City.Covering a land area of 100,000 m2, and creating 3000jobs make Ideal Standard one of the most contributing companies to the sanitary ware industry in Egypt over the past three decades,” he added.

Ideal Standard’s expansion plan is based on a two-pronged approach; the first is concerned with the Egyptian market while the other focuses on the international market through export, “our efforts mainly depend on our perception of the different market needs; we are always seeking to introduce new products that can satisfy our customers while maintaining top quality standards.We now enjoy 30% of the local market share, thanks to a balance between design, quality, safety, and trust,”adds Mamdouh Ibrahim, Sales Director at Ideal Standard Egypt.

Innovation and technology are vital to providing a wider, more sustainable mix of energy resources for the world’s growing population, where Egypt stands among the most heavily populated nations with over 100 million. “Ideal Standard’s group of distinguished designers, scientists, researchers and engineers have been working to improve the efficiency of products, processes and operations, as well as to commercialize technologies for the safeguard of our most important resource, water,” clarifies Maged Ayoub, General Manager Commercial of Ideal Standard in Egypt & Africa in regards to the company’s eco-friendly efforts.

According to research, Egypt could run out of water by the year 2025, an alarming reason why the company is committed to developing innovative solutions that make smarter use of precious resources; “We believe, and have proven, that it’s possible to create solutions that are water efficient, meet the different needs of our customers, and can help us achieve the greatest impact on the environment. Our products save up to 70% of the water used without sacrificing power or performance, some of them take only 10 minutes to install and end up saving 180 000 drops of water per minute,” says Ayoub as he explained the company’s initiative designed to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as help address the important issues in the communities where it operates.

In its efforts towards making an impact on the industry as well as the environment, Ideal Standard is making sure water conservation solutions are made available at homes around Egypt through their existing and new line of products featuring unique water saving technology. Ideal Standard mixers are equipped with Click Technology which cuts water and energy use by up to 60%, ceramic disk cartridges, durable plated finishes, as well as Ideal Blue Technology for mixers, which helps save even more water and enhances water purity.To this effect Ayoub elaborates saying “in order to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation, which is the sixth on the UN Sustainable Development Goals list, we created our freshwater stewardship approach and initial goals in partnership with Masr Al Kheir Foundation, and the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater in Assiut.”

That joint initiative, “Every Drop Counts,” will work towards optimizing water efficiency and minimizing water consumption by raising awareness and supplying water saving appliances in a number of areas across Egypt, starting with Assiut. Ideal Standard is expected to provide support, maintenance, and 500 water saving mixers in selected public areas with high water consumption. “This partnership is significant to Masr Al Kheir’s work towards water conservation in Egypt, we are glad that more and more corporations are aware of the society’s change of behaviors and expectations when it comes to influencing the environment,” says Dr. Nagwa Winget, head of healthcare sector, Masr El Kheir.

To this effect, Eng. Mohamed Salah, President of the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater in Assiut and the New Valley, adds saying “as a national objective, our water conservation initiative will take effect during the second half of next month in Assiut. A preliminary phase, aiming to spread awareness in regards to water-saving methods, will kick off within a number of governmental components, including a hospital, school, church, and a mosque.”