I’m The President: A Campaign To Choose Egyptian President From The Youth

“I’m the president” Campaign is carried out by young independent youth belonging to different political affiliations, and it is supported by self-efforts, as it does not aim at any financial benefits.

The main objective of this campaign is making a leader from you, and how you get prepared to be a president who is aware with the general concepts of governing and administration, through the following steps: 

* Identifying all of potential candidates for the presidency neutrally, and away from the misleading media, through holding meetings with these candidates, and giving the young people the opportunity to ask them questions they are wandering about, and then recording and broadcasting the videos of these meetings on the internet, because the target is (You have to know before you choose)
* Organizing awareness developing and political cadres preparation courses for youth.
* Organizing human development courses.
* Holding public conferences to identify the presidential candidates’ programs.
* Holding debates between candidates in the public conferences.
* Organizing training courses of elections’ observation for the purpose of preparing observers.

To be mentioned that the campaign will continue its operations even after the electing the coming president, as the participants will be criticizing the presidential performance, beside their intention to collect singings from the parliament members that would allow them of establishing an elected parliament for youth, which voting process should take place in all governorates, and then the youth parliament will present its recommendations and directions to the parliament as a participation in the political decision making process.

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