IMC’s Chief Recommends Determining Purchasing Rate For SMEs

Hisham Wagdy Abdel Dayem, CEO of Industrial Modernization Center (IMC), said SMEs represent real investment opportunities especially amid the current political and economic turmoil.

In his address in SMEs Development Conference for the second day under the slogan of “The Arab and International experiences in SMEs” Conference, Abdel Dayem said IMC targets increasing the competitive abilities of Egypt’s industries and developing the industrial system.

IMC is offering finances for the industrial finance bodies and continuously developing its services to meet the industries’ requirements, in addition to developing SMEs.

Abdel Dayem noted that IMC offers its 10-year experience to industrial companies and institutions and contributes in increasing competitive and exporting abilities of companies. IMC deals with 13 thousand customers, of which 85% are of SMEs.

IMC helped SMEs to grow and develop in order to be in line with international standards. IMC succeeded in raising the abilities of the Egyptian employees to meet the requirements of international companies in Egypt.

IMC linked SMEs with international companies, helped 20 suppliers to reach many of these SMEs and enabled 1200 SMEs to implement technology system, improve productivity and conserve energy.

Abdel Dayem recommended applying a unified notion for SMEs, reducing costs, facilitating finances for them, developing SMEs, helping them increase exporting and encouraging Industrial clusters. Abdel Dayem stressed on the importance of raising awareness, increasing the quality of the enterprises’ products, and determining a purchasing rate of SMEs for the government.

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