UAE inks Initial Deal to build 50.000 Units in Egypt’s New Capital

Egypt and UAE have reached an initial agreement to start building around 50.000 units in the Egyptian new administrative capital project, housing minister Moustafa Madbouly announced Saturday.

The units will be implemented by Abu Dhabi-based Eagle Hills in three years, at spaces ranging between 55, 90, 120, 130 and 180 metres to include all housing levels and patterns.

Madbouli added that the Emirati side has addressed the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors (EFCBC) as regards to the Egyptian construction firms’ participation in carrying out the 50.000 units.

Within days, the first step to execute the new capital project shall start, the minister noted. The first phase will include entering the water lines, at capacity of 100.000sqm to serve the construction works, and then the residential units. This line aims to serve a total number of 500.000 inhabitants. It shall be executed within three months.