Insurance Federation of Egypt discusses housing insurance policy today

General Insurance Committee against fire risks, of the Insurance Federation of Egypt (IFE), will discuss the housing units’ insurance policy, insuring houses against earthquakes and fire risks, in the seminar scheduled to be held today.

The committee will offer the final details of the museums insurance policy and will discuss the proposed additional insurance coverings against riots and civil unrest.

The committee set the conditions of the insurance policy, but these conditions do not include coverings against riots and disturbances or that risks resulting from political violence. An extra optional insurance policy against terrorism and sabotage risks will be issued and will be priced according to the place of the insured building and the quantity and value of the building’s holdings.

The committee will also give a seminar on the technical public offering of insuring against fire risks and a translated report on the issues and indemnifications related to insuring against fire risks in 2011.

Amwal Alghad

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