Interim President ‘Neutral’ in Egypt Poll, Urges High Turnout

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In his last speech before the presidential election, interim President Adly Mansour has called on Egyptians “to express their free will” in choosing a candidate that will help build the state.

“Every Egyptian youth, father and mother is invited to cast their votes in the poll which will shape the nation’s future on the basis of democracy, justice and equality,” said Mansour.

He urged voters to “show the world that Egypt did not witness merely a temporary revolution against an oppressive failing regime, but rather a mature revolution.”

In his speech on Sunday, Mansour – the former head of the constitution court who was sworn in as president following Mohamed Morsi’s ouster – claimed the presidency was keeping an “equal distance” from both candidates and “has never and will never direct citizens toward a certain candidate.”

“We are all keen on securing popular participation that deepens the meaning of democracy,” he added.

Mansour also thanked Egyptians living abroad, who voted between 15 and 19 May, for what he described as an unprecedented turnout.

The results of expatriate voting revealed former army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi won 94.5 percent.

His only rival is Nasserist politician Hamdeen Sabahi.

Voting inside Egypt is on 26/27 May.

Source: Ahram Online