Interior Ministry Studies Video Of Alleged Militia In South Cairo

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Egypt’s interior ministry will look into a video circulating on social media networks of a group of armed and masked men vowing to target all police facilities in South Cairo, reported state-owned news agency MENA.

The interior minister’s assistant for media affairs, Abdel-Fattah Othman, told MENA, that Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim has asked that a team be formed to study the self-proclaimed militia and to arrest its members shown in the video.

The video, including a group of 12 men wearing masks, holding rifles and some waving the four-fingered sign associated with the forceful dispersal of the pro-Mohamed Morsi Rabaa Al-Adawyia camp in 2013, was reportedly released Thursday, the first anniversary of the Rabaa dispersal.

Speaking from a relatively empty and impoverished street with few passersby, the main speaker underlines he is not a Muslim Brotherhood member, adding that he and his comrades are tired of the Islamist group’s “peacefulness” and that there shouldn’t be any peacefulness with the police.

The man accuses the police of killing and torturing Islamists and raping women. He also accuses the army, which he describes as the “Camp David army,” in reference to the 36-year-old peace accords with Israel, of siding with the interior ministry “which kills us”.

Early Thursday, a police sergeant was shot dead by unknown assailants in the South Cairo suburb of Helwan.

Thursday, which saw the death of five civilians, witnessed violent clashes between the police and loyalists of deposed president Morsi who held rallies marking the Rabaa dispersal that last year claimed hundreds of lives.

Since the dispersal, police and army troops have been the target of militant attacks that left over 500 killed.

Source : Ahram online