INTERVIEW: Sports can be engine for massive business opportunities for Africa

Aisha Shuaibu, President of Abuja-headquartered SWA Sports, said business of sports will be able to achieve many solutions for the continent especially in Egypt and Nigeria, for example providing employment.

Shuaibu made her remark during an exclusive interview with Amwal Al Ghad English on the sideline of the Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX), taking place in conjunction with Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF 2023) in Cairo, Egypt on November 9 -15.

She said that sports can be that huge venue for youths -who are out of school- to get busy and working, instead of doing nothing in their lives.

She also called for the need of infrastructure development that can create a lot of revenues through projects and events, increasing the culture of sports.

Speaking about sports tourism, she said people come from different countries to attend sports events, such as African Cup of Nations, which allows people to travel in order to interact and seek business opportunities.

Shuaibu also stated that currently in Nigeria there are a lot of infrastructure projects that are in the process, expecting to see more facilities coming up next five years.

The Nigerian sports industry presents a wide array of investment opportunities for individuals and businesses looking to capitalise on the nation’s sporting passion.

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