Investors’ Woes Drag Egypt Benchmark Below 4605 Pts – Closing

Egypt’s stock market has ended closing sessions of Sunday incurring losses totaled at EGP 2.15 billion driven by the investors’ woes over the anticipated anti-president protests on June 30th.

Consequently, Egypt’s benchmark index EGX30 tumbled by 1.03% to close at 4603.86 p; while the EGX20, it also fell by 0.88% to end at 5047.93 p.

Meanwhile, the mid- and small-cap index, the EGX70 dipped by 0.70% to conclude at 351.82 p.  The price index EGX100 also sagged by 0.65% to finish at 623.23 p.

The capital market has closed at EGP 314.497 billion on Sunday.

Traded Volumes & Trades

Through the closing session of Sunday, the trading volume reached 38.580 million securities, down from Thursday’s closing levels of 68.130 million securities. For the traded value, it reached EGP 72.193 million, exchanged through 7.148 thousand transactions.

Also during the closing session of Sunday, 148 listed securities have been traded in; 86 declined, 25 advanced; while 37 keeping their previous levels.

Investors’ Activity

Egyptians’ selling pressures have driven EGX’s closing losses on Sunday as they were net sellers seizing 90.32% of the total markets, with a net equity of EGP 14.176 million, excluding the deals.

Meanwhile, the non-Arab foreigners and Arabs were net buyers seizing 6.42% and 3.26% respectively, of the total markets, with a net equity of EGP 9.341 million and 4.835 million excluding the deals.