Israel values MB Morsi as Egypt’s president

The Israeli newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” described the statements of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the MB’s candidate, about the Palestinian cause as disturbing. It said also he may win the presidential elections because of “Blind Obedience” that the MB’s members follow, and the slogan “Islam is the solution” will involve Egypt in a crisis

Rowei Keis, journalist of Arab affairs in the newspaper, said using the slogan “Islam is the solution” in Morsi’s campaign and during the conference that held in Behaira emphasized that Egypt will get involved in a big crisis; especially both of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood  have a special political position as they dominate the Egyptian parliament.

He said “Considering the Palestinian cause and serving the Palestinian people as the most important foreign policies that Morsi seeks to implement is the most disturbing; as the other candidates haven’t mentioned these statements but their main concern is the Egyptian Israeli cooperation”.

The journalist finished his report by assuring that Morsi has a big chance to win; saying that we have to consider that many of MB and FJP’s supporters follow “Blind Obedience” policy.