Israeli forces storm Gaza’s Kamal Adwan hospital

Israeli forces stormed into Kamal Adwan hospital north of Gaza on Tuesday, said the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza.

“Israeli occupation forces are storming Kamal Adwan hospital after besieging and bombing it for days,” the ministry’s spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.

Al-Qudra also said that the occupation forces have been rounding up men in the hospital courtyard, including medical staff.

“We fear their arrest and the arrest of the medical teams or their killing,” he added, as he calls for international intervention.

According to the United Nations humanitarian agency OCHA, two mothers were killed in the hospital with an Israeli airstrike on Monday.

“The hospital remains surrounded by Israeli troops and tanks,” OCHA said.

OCHA also said that the hospital is “currently accommodating 65 patients, including 12 children in the intensive care unit and six newborns in incubators.”

“About 3,000 internally displaced persons remain trapped in the facility and are awaiting evacuation with extreme shortages of water, food and power reported,” it added.

According to the UN, there is only on hospital in northern Gaza able to admit patients.

The Israeli attacks killed more than 18,200 Palestinians and wounded around 50,000.

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