ISYS Considers to Allow Remittances via Mobile Phone between Egypt and Kuwait

ISYS Kuwait Group is considering to allow tools for the conversion of Instant Remittances between Egypt and Kuwait soon.

ISYS is targeting to allow creative tools so as to transfer money between the Egyptians who are working in Kuwait or Gulf countries and families in Egypt so as to transfer money by secure ways said Mohamed Al Rasheedy, Managing Director and CEO.

The number of Egyptians who are working in Kuwait reached 456 thousands and 3.6 million Egyptians in Gulf countries.

ISYS is planning to cooperate with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to provide electronic payment and Money Transfer via Mobile Phone services, Al Rasheedy explained.

He rejected to unveil any details of cooperation till the negotiations will be completed, stressing his confidence that negotiations will be succeeded as well as keeping up with the global development of Data services.

ISYS signed earlier cooperation protocol with the Arab African International Bank (AAIB) but it did not announce for an actual services in the framework of the signed agreement in the last year and it is currently aiming to penetrate the Egyptian market by relying on the NBE as one of the largest banking and financial authorities in the Middle East and Egypt.

Furthermore, the company expressed its commitment over the cooperation with the Egyptian government in addition to the cooperation with Information and Communication Technology Ministry to make the best use of the government’s subsidiary over developing the company’s projects.