ITICS accredited by EFQM as its strategic partner

ITICS has been accredited as a Certified Training Organization (CTO) and a Certified Advisor Organization (CAO) by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), according to Gamal Eldin El Khazinder.

The Regional Director and Principal Advisor of the International Technology and Intelligent Consultancy Solutions (ITICS) Group,  added that this result can be attributed to the integration of common visions of both the EFQM and ITICS in Egypt with the objective of strengthening the culture and practices of quality and corporate excellence in the Egyptian public and private organizations.

The EFQM has accredited ITICS Group as its strategic partner in the Arab Republic of Egypt for providing corporate excellence programs as well as training and advisory services.

Corporate excellence programs,training and advisory services are in accordance with the European Excellence Model 2020 and its practices,for training employees at different managerial levels and in different organizations.

The employees are trained to implement the best practices to develop business strategies and systems, self-assessment of corporate performance and capacities, bridging gaps for realizing sustainability, competitiveness, and supporting the Egyptian Vision 2030 and its integrated dimensions strategies.

The Manager of EFQM Middle East, Miss Isra’a Mobideen,stressed that the EFQM leaders in Belgium, represented by Russell Longmuir, the Chief Executive Officer of the EFQM, supports the efforts exerted by the Egyptian State in all the aspects relevant to promoting and consolidating the practices of quality, excellence and innovation in the Egyptian business community through the promotion of partnerships and exchange of experience at the international level.

Wael Yahya Zakaria, Chairman and CEO of ITICS Group, has also emphasized that the company continues to launch its initiatives and projects in Egypt to enable governmental bodies and private entities to enhance their performance at the strategic and operational levels, in alignment with the strategies of services’ digital transformation and supporting the achievement of Egypt’s Vision 2030

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