ITIDA Reviews IT Egyptian Experience Within CeBit 2013

Eng. Yasser ElKady, the CEO of Information Technology Industry Agency (ITIDA), has confirmed that the Egyptian Information Technology IT Sector is considered to be an important sector for the Egyptian economic and this throughout its products and several solutions which contributes for developing other sectors as well as the boom community that contributes to this sector through providing electronic services for many categories.

CeBit 2013 Conference and Exhibition which was held in Hanover, Germany has concluded for its seventh consecutive year, Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) sponsors the participation of 7 Egyptian firms and the Cairo Contact Centers Park in Maadi.

Eng. Yasser Elkady said the Egyptian competitive advantages which represents in providing professional competencies , multilingualism for Egyptian graduates ,the governmental support for IT sector, Geographic location and the strong infrastructure which contributes significantly in bid to attract more investments and encourage international firms.

Moreover, Elkady has reviewed the initiatives and programs which made by ITIDA in order to help small and medium firms whether for developing its capabilities or to provide funding for projects throughout the agreements with banks, and through the programs for encouraging exports and IT services as well as encouraging research, innovation and entrepreneurship.