Judicial Arrest Power Is A Start Of Civil War: El Sadat

Mohamed El Sadat, Chairman of Reform and Development Party, has confirmed his denial of the prosecutor general’s decision of granting the citizens the power of legal arrest for vandals in the streets; considering this as the beginning of civil war and endless chaos. This matter will lead to emerging more militias in the Egyptian street.

Amid the climates in Egypt which require finding the best solutions for the current crises, the prosecutor general surprises the Egyptians with his vague decision that unfortunately supported by the Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, said Mohamed El Sadat. This power will lead to collapsing the state, as Egypt will become a “New Iran”, in which the opposition figures would be tortures by the ruling regime.

El Sadat has condemned the Egyptian president for not issuing a statement that stop working with this unwise decision, which opens the door for the religious movements to implement what they seek under a legal cover.