Justice and Equality condemns the Interfering in the NGO Case

In its statement today, Justice and Equality Movement in Egypt condemned the calls for drafting the constitution without parliament; as it stated that” the revolution succeeded whereas Mubarak and his regime are behind bars, and new parties are formed as well the Upper and Lower Houses, within few month we will have a new constitution an elected president, but as usual new calls appear to impede the democracy way. After the calls for the consensual president, new calls appeared to criticize the Upper and Lower Houses for electing the constituent assembly that to draft the constitution; as those calls say the junta had to assign the committee without consulting parliament, alleging that this parliament came as a result of politically unaware people and the absence of the parties that compete the political powers.

These calls are similar to those ones adapted by Haikel and Al Ghazali Harba and others that demanded the army to take the power, and called Field Marshal Tantawi “The President”, but he turned down all this. They also demanded him to run for president but he refused, as he declared that the junta wants to hand over the power just after implementing the road map of the referendum occurred on March 19, 2011. Those who call for a civil country they are ahead the movement calls for turning the civil into military till the politically unaware people know the rules of democracy. This is as usual instigation for the army to turn over the temporary constitution and taking the elections results away and also the elected parliament and the army chiefs take over the fabrication of the committee of drafting the constitution. This considered being a trespass on the democratic transformation and the junta which respond to the people’s demands. In case of not responding to demands, the political powers, which distort the junta image, call for demonstrating and sit-ins, and they hire thugs to protect them even by killing innocents and insulting peoples”.

The movement called on the PA members to improve the states of special needs in the legislature and perfectly representing them in the committee of drafting the constitution; that is to protect their image and dignity as Egyptians.

Amal Mahmoud, the movement founder, denounced the interfering in NGO case; as she is calling on PA to investigate this critical matter and also stressing on judges incident. She said “Even we don’t have evidences but we are sure of pumping millions of dollars into NGOs helps on spreading chaos and financing revolutionary movements and coalitions, that imposed by money and media to affect on the political decisions during the transitional period, and also imposed on a lot of Islamic authorities to justify its image; as thes movements created chaos and destruction since Al Abasiya march on June 23, 2011, resulted in killing and injuring a lot of people, as well destructing public facilities and stressing on the junta not to respond to the people’s demands”