Justice and Equality Movement meets Amr Moussa

Justice and Equality Movement met yesterday the presidential candidate Amr Moussa, who was former General Secretery of Arab League, in one of its rounds to meet the movement- backed runners so that discuss their electoral platforms and political visions for the coming period.

Amr Moussa said that he realizes the necessity of the movement’s role before and during the revolution; underscoring the youth’s participation in politics.

The meeting was attended by the movement coordinator Amal Mahmoud and discussed Amr Moussa’ view over destroying the front wall of Israeli embassy by the movement’s youth as well as his view over the junta, Mubarak and NGO case.

Amr Moussa said that Camp David Accords should be amended and the military junta did right as well made mistakes. He agreed with Amal Mahmoud that the junta faced interior and exterior pressure resulted in making mistakes, although it followed the road map. He also said that he is against the exterior funding for non-governmental organizations. As for president Mubara, he blundered a lot and this is the natch result, Amr Moussa said.

The official movement’s spokesman Ramy Al Hossainy said that the movement coordinates with the other movement-backed runners.