Kerry to Hold Arab anti-ISIS Talks in Saudi Arabia

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Lebanon’s Gebran Bassil will join other Arab foreign ministers in Jeddah Wednesday with US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the region’s commitment to a coalition being built by Washington to combat the threat of ISIS.

The talks in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, which will continue into Thursday, will also be attended by ministers from Egypt, Jordan and the six Gulf Arab states as well as Iraq, and Egyptian official told AFP.

The ministers “are going to meet Kerry on Wednesday and Thursday in Jeddah as part of efforts to tackle terrorism,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Kerry was headed to the region on Tuesday in a bid to build an enduring coalition against the jihadists, who have seized swathes of Iraq and neighboring Syria.

The US top diplomat pledged to build “the broadest possible coalition of partners around the globe to confront, degrade and ultimately defeat (ISIS).”

“Almost every single country has a role to play in eliminating the (ISIS) threat and the evil that it represents,” Kerry said.

Source: AFP