Magdi Yacoub urges Egyptians to stay home amid coronavirus

World eminent heart surgeon and the Honorary President of Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, Professor Magdi Yacoub, addressed the nation in heartwarming video where he urged everyone to act responsibly and stay at home, driven by his utmost care towards them and the society, according to Egypt Today.

Sir Magdi pointed out that Egyptians should come together to face this pandemic and fight the virus by abiding to the recommendations of the government and never leave home unless it is an emergency, which will contribute to limiting the numbers of patients that will pressure the country’s medical resources and hence affects the health system’s efficiency in saving more lives.

Prof. Yacoub further said “We have to work together as one unit, right now, before we face a true calamity,” He has also stressed the importance of following credible sources of information about the virus from acknowledged institutions and universities to avoid rumors and hoaxes.

Furthermore, Sir Magdi applauded Egypt’s ability as a country that has managed to overcome difficulties, tribulations and challenges throughout the ages, only with solidarity and cooperation between all segments of society, which promises Egypt to sail through this critical stage.