Marseille Starts Week 4.66% Down, Tops NILEX Value Traded

On Sunday, the Egyptian Exchange of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) – NILEX has witnessed unsteady performance amidst trading in 6 stocks. Three stocks declined, three remained with no change.

Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya (MAAL)’s stock has led NILEX downwards as it dived by 4.66% to close at EGP 4.91. The stock has also topped NILEX value traded which hit EGP 325.359 thousand distributed to 66.282 thousand securities exchanged through 41 transactions.

Univert for Food Industries (UNFO)’s stock also sank by 4.08% to conclude at EGP 0.94.

Port Saied for Agricultural Development and Construction (PSAD)’s stock pushed down by 1.11% to finish at EGP 5.34. The company reported on Sunday its 9-month net profit of EGP 11.148 thousand, a growth of 59.3%, compared to a net profit of EGP 6.996 thousand for the same period a year earlier.

Meanwhile, the stocks which remained with no change were BIG Trade and Investment (BIGP) at EGP 1.99, Utopia Real Estate Investment and Tourism (UTOP) at EGP 15.06 and Al-Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI) at EGP 1.07. Trading Rights Issue Of Al-Moasher For Programming And Info fell by 715% to finish at EGP 0.17.

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