Maspero Case Adjourned Till 10 Oct. Session

North Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Judge Mohamed Al Rashidy, postponed considering the appeal submitted by the general prosecution against the decision of “not a prima facie case”, till 10 October session to see the documents. This decision issued by the investigative judge in case (1999/2012) in which 54 people are convicted, and the case (1012/2012) in which 24 ones were convicted on the background of Maspero incidents, where Coptic protesters were killed.

The investigative judge decided to keep the investigations because of the lack of evidence, so he issued a decision of “not prima facie case.

The incidents took place between Copts protesters and the military forces during their protests outside Maspero building; objecting on demolishing Marinab church. About 24 protesters were killed and 300 were injured.