Mass street iftar in Cairo’s Matariya returns this Ramadan

Egypt’s residents of the northeastern neighbourhood, Matariya, came together on Thursday to organise mass street iftar, which considered as an annual tradition and the longest iftar table in the country.

Around 3,000 individuals attended the iftar this year, including public figure, including the South Korean Ambassador to Egypt, Hong Jin-Wook.

The ambassador expressed his delight for participating in the annual iftar by calling it “unique and lovely” The event is considered part of the Egyptian traditions in Ramadan and is held every year on the 15th of Ramadan.

The annual celebration started seven years ago, it was halted for two years due to the pandemic, and is arranged by the Matariya residents.

The holy month usually witnesses other traditions as well, such as the famous public banquets known as Mawaed El-Rahman, which was originated in Egypt 11 centuries ago.

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