MB ruled out Egyptian People from Constituent Assembly

The jurisprudent Yehia El Gamal, the former Deputy Prime Minister, has warned Muslim Brotherhood of ruling out Egyptian people from the constituent assembly; referring to what the MB do concerning the committee, is like what Ahmed Ezz did when he excluded the people, consequently the revolution erupted.

In his statements to “Al Ashera Masa’n” (10 AM) program broadcasting on “Dream 2 Channel”, Al Gamal said that the constituent assembly should represent the whole classes; women, Christians, workers and all political and Islamic parties; this to make the committee expresses Egypt.

He underscored on the necessity of drafting a constitution; describing it as a historical document which has its own jurisprudents and should be built on a social contract represents all society’s classes.

He continued “it is not logical that the parliament elects itself to draft the constitution through the assembly, and all the problems we are facing now due to the wrong start as it had to draft constitution first”.

El Gamal finished his statements saying “if the parliament made a decision that the administrative court couldn’t refuse, it can refuse its administrative and procedural parts”.