MCIT Organizes Workshop To Support UNDP For Students With Disabilities

Egypt  Information and Communication Technology ICT Trust Fund affiliated to MCIT and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has held a workshop to support E-Learning for students with visual and  hearing disabilities in Egypt, in which International Islamic Bank participates in it with the support of Education Ministry.

A representatives from NGOs, Civil Society Organization operating in providing services field and supporting disabilities people ,Education Ministry and schools for visual and hearing disabilities people  have participated in the workshop.

acoustically and visually E-Learning is targeting to improve living conditions and to activate social integration for the deaf and visually students in Egypt’s schools, throughout the using of information technology IT so as to enhance the learning of students in primary phase by creating the technological infrastructure in special education schools and the development of interactive e-content of curriculum educational subjects such as computers and math for the deaf and blind schools as well as raise awareness and support teachers and students capacities.

Within the project’s activities two deaf and blind schools have been selected in Cairo and Giza governorates as the laboratories have prepared for modern mechanism and modern software use to read the screen of blindness.

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