Meta, Google, Tiktok debts removed from Russian database

Alphabet’s Google and YouTube, along with Meta, TikTok, and Telegram are no longer registered as debtors in the Russian bailiffs’ database, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

However, according to Reuters, the database still includes X and Twitch as debtors, with fines of around 51 million roubles ($560,730) for X and 23 million roubles ($252,879) for Twitch.

Russia has been at odds with foreign technology companies for “unlawful content and a failure to store user data locally,” Reuters added.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, X and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram along with Google-owned YouTube were all blocked from the country.

In late 2023, a Russian court pressed a fine against Google of 4.6 billion roubles ($50.4 million).

Meta was also labelled as “extremist” in 2022, and has also been subject to fines in Russia.

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