Minister Says Egyptian Interim Govt Revising 8 Articles of Investment Law

Minister of Investment Osama Salah revealed that the interim government is currently revising 8 articles in the investment law within the ongoing phase so as to ensure respecting the contracts in addition some articles which related to the facilities and settlements to flow foreign investments.

He added that lifting microfinance law on the cabinet finalized in order to allow opportunities for launching micro enterprises under the umbrella of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), along with opening new field for micro insurance , expecting that the law will be approved during the next period.

He pointed out that the Investment Ministry is targeting to finalize amending mortgage finance in order to activate this vital sector that expected to represent the most supportive factor for the economic system.

Furthermore, he explained that the political developments and events have reviewed with a number of investors today regarding all Egypt’s situations to form integrated vision for investment projects.