Salem: African Communication And Information’s Market Is Important

Mohamed Salem – Minister of Communications and Information Technology- declared that the Ministry’s strategy within the upcoming period indicates the necessity of a fast execution of International Cooperation Pivot, as a part of activating the partnering initiatives with the African Union Organization, and the economic committee of United Nations that focus on the African affairs.

During the Minister’s meeting with Samuel Poghisio, Kenyan Minister of Communications and Information, Salem stressed on the importance of focusing on the African market, increasing cooperation with African states and working on integrating the continent’s future vision, in the fields of communications and information technology.

Salem also said this direction is based mainly on the Egyptian true desire of transmitting its experience to African states, so as to facilitate achieving the technological prosperity for the people of these countries, as well as presenting social services, through the application of E-govt tools and programs, beside other fields, which witnesses a specialization by the Egyptian side in their application.

Salem also mentioned that the meeting aims at making a number of joint deals between the two countries, in the fields related to communications and information technology, as topped by establishment and management of Smart Villages, execute specialized projects in this field to qualify the Human factor out of Kenyan youth such as professional training programs, which meet the needs of Kenyan government of highly qualified labor, in terms of technological and IT skills.