Ministry Of Housing To Deliver 30.000 Units of National Housing

Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Community finished the last 30,000 units of the national housing project, also it has delivered 467.172 units of the project so far.

Dr Mohamed Fathy El-Baradei, Minister of Housing, said in a press conference on Tuesday that the ministry is in charge of finishing the project which it was supposed to be done last year. He elaborated that the rest of the project till January 2011 reached 160.000 units; this reflects the ministry’s success in finishing the project pursuant to the dates previously fixed.

On the other hand, the minister said finishing from spending the subsidies of “Ebney Betayk” (Build your House) will be due to the finish of the current budget. He affirmed that the ministry has been spending the subsidies during the last period; demanding the owners to ask the ministry help in case of having problems.

El-Baradei referred that the new budget 2012/2013 allocates EGP 20 billion for ministry of housing, and which is being discussed now by the People’s Assembly, suffice for the ministry’s projects; whether the social housing project or “Beet Al Watan” project.

As per the EGP 5 billion loan of the New Urban Communities Authority, the board of directors’ chairman elaborated that the authority hasn’t signed it so far but the authority resorted to it as a cautious procedure.