More Arguments Claiming Part-Ownership of Facebook

Another round of legal arguments is scheduled in a New York man’s lawsuit claiming part-ownership of Facebook.

Lawyers for Paul Ceglia (SEHG’-lee-uh) and the Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking site are to appear Wednesday in federal court in Buffalo.

Facebook wants the judge to halt pre-trial exchanges of evidence until he decides whether the case should go forward.

There’s a pending request by Facebook to have Ceglia’s lawsuit dismissed.

Ceglia opposes Facebook’s discovery motion, which would keep him from obtaining any materials from Facebook relevant to his case. He’s already given Facebook his evidence, as Associated Press stated.

Ceglia’s lawsuit says he gave Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg start up money in 2003 in exchange for half the company if it grew. Facebook, now worth billions, says the lawsuit is based on a doctored contract.


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