Morsi Assigns Governors to Solve Fuel, Electricity, Water Problems

President Mohamed Morsi has given directives to governors to exert every possible effort to upgrade the services extended to citizens and to meet their daily needs.

Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Ihab Fahmy said the President instructed governors to interact quickly with citizens through daily follow-up with the aim of solving their problems and meeting their needs.

The President ordered the provision of fuel and solving the problems of electricity and water and providing the basic foodstuffs, taking into account the advent of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Ambassador Fahmy underlined that the President ordered the governors to keep in  touch with the ministers and different State bodies to solve the problems of citizens and to ease their sufferings .

He said the current stage in Egypt requires doubling efforts for confronting the challenges facing the country at the current stage.

The President stressed the importance of facing up to corruption in the governorates in full decisiveness, he concluded.

Source: SIS