MSM Remains Green

The Muscat Securities Market (MSM) general index 30 continued to rise in its third session of the week when it added more than 15 points constituting a rise by 0.26 per cent to close at 5,792 points compared to the previous session of 5,777 points.

The financial sector rose by 0.50 per cent to close at 6,902 points against the earlier closing of 6,867 points, while the industrial sector rose by 0.33 per cent to close at 6,555 points compared to 6,534 points earlier.

The services sector declined by 0.16 per cent to close at 2,655 points compared to 2,659 points. The trade value yesterday stood at RO 6.8 million ($ 17.58 million), a decline by 1.94 per cent compared to the last session which stood at RO 7 million ($18.09 million). The market value rose by 0.14 per cent to reach RO 10.6 billion ($ 27.40 billion).
The value of shares bought by non-Omani investors reached RO 159,200 (approximately $ 411.495) comprising 23.32 per cent. The value of shares sold by non-Omani investors reached RO 799,000 (around $ 2.065.228) comprising 11.71 per cent, Omain Observer reported.

The net non-Omani investment rose by 11.62 per cent to RO 793,000 ($2.049.719). Out of the 53 companies of which shares changed hands yesterday, 25 companies rose, 17 companies declined and 11 companies stabilised.