National Bank of Egypt cancels Ramadan ad campaign, redirects money for people affected by coronavirus

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) said on Tuesday it will cancel its anticipated ad campaign for the holy month of Ramadan, and will instead redirect the money to help more people hurt by the coronavirus.

The largest public Egyptian bank said it will divert the campaign appropriations to support people in need and the frontline health workers in fight against coronavirus.

“The (ad) budget is directed to support and assist all people hurt by (coronavirus) crisis as well as to back Egypt’s White Army (health workers) who are fighting the pandemic.” an NBE statement read.

The move came, with a greater sense of urgency and responsibility, as the bank takes on its role a key supporter for the Egyptian state and people, especially in times of crisis, its chairman Hisham Okasha said in the statement.

The NBE is adopting a thoughtful CSR strategy based on integration, studying the Egyptian citizens’ needs, and adhering to the sustainability standards to achieve a better impact on society, the statement added.

The budget will be now directed to several areas to respond to the health crisis, the bank said, adding that it would – for instance – donate 3 million Egyptian pounds ($190,493) to Ain Sham University’s Hospitals, including the isolation hospital in Obour City.

The NBE said it had already committed 3.4 million pounds to ramp up coronavirus testing.

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