NBE Steps Up Security Measures On Potential Violence In Tahrir

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) has stepped up security measures at his branches nearby to Downtown and Tahrir Square in anticipation of potential turmoil that may erupt after Port Said football verdict on Saturday that confirmed death sentences of 21 Port Said football fans and sentenced 24 more people to between one year and life in jail, while twenty-eight defendants were acquitted.

The bank has taken precautionary measures to secure its branches such as increasing the number of security guards at branches nearby to places that may witness disorders after the verdict, said Ayman Tolan, head of branches of NBE.

NBE’s ATMs are supplied with the same flow of money so as to meet the customers’ requirements if the branches were closed as their heads were instructed to close branches if any act of violent erupts.

Ahly Club hardcore fans (Ultras Ahlawy) stormed the police officers’ club near Al-Ahly soccer club and set the complex on fire after the verdict. Egyptian Football Association was also set ablaze.