No daylight saving this summer-Egypt’s prime minister

Egypt’s cabinet agreed on Monday not to switch clocks for daylight saving time this summer, and carry out studies on the possibility of canceling the practice altogether in future years.

The cabinet previously announced that clocks would go forward one hour starting on 1 May, but suspended the decision until a national opinion poll was carried out to ask citizens whether or not they support daylight saving time.

The polls, according to a cabinet statement, showed that most citizens disapprove of the practice.

Egypt first adopted daylight saving time in 1988 as a way to reduce electricity consumption, but in April 2011 the cabinet endorsed a decree to cancel changing clocks in summer.

The practice returned in May 2014, after fuel shortages led to electricity cuts nationwide.

In the summer of 2014, Egypt changed the clock four times, first applying daylight saving time, and then suspending it during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to shorten fasting hours from dawn till dusk.

Standard time in Egypt is GMT + 2, and GMT + 3 during daylight saving time.

Source:Ahram Online