Nominating “Al-Shater” returns “Mubarak’s Regime”: Bassem Kamel

Bassem Kamel, MP of Egyptian Social Democratic Party, said that Muslim Brotherhood broke their promises by naming Eng Khairat al-Shater as  a presidential candidate of FJP; wondering “ How can I trust MB after changing their opinions in many of political situations?.

In exclusive statements to “Amwal Al Ghad”, Kamel elaborated that MB nomination of Al-Shater returns Mubarak’s capitalistic regime which led to the revolution to achieve social justice. He said that Al-shater  is one of the pure capitalists.

Kamel finished his speech saying that “anyone has the right to run for presidency as long as they comply with the conditions and also every party has the right to name a presidential candidate; but the MB’s mistake is changing their promises in many situations, moreover, their wrong choice”.


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