Parliament forms group to discuss Egypt budget from ‘human rights perspective’

The head of the Egyptian parliament’s human rights committee, Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, will form a working group to discuss drafting the state budget from a human rights perspective.

The working group, which will consist of members of the human rights committee, aims at “putting a strategy and a vision for how to write and review the budget from the perspective of fulfilling the social and economic rights of the Egyptian citizen,” according to a statement by El-Sadat.

He said that marginalised and less privileged members of society should receive financial assistance from the government to improve their living conditions and protect their human dignity.

The group will meet with human rights experts and economic, public finance and planning experts, in addition to members of international organisations for women, children and the disabled, as well as other “marginalised social groups that need public spending programmes.”

Parliament is set to discuss the budget next Sunday for four days, after finance minister Amr El-Garhy presented to the House an overview of the budget in May.

source: Ahram Online