Pope Francis applauds Humanitarian Corridors for refugees

Pope Francis addressed on Saturday morning refugees arriving through the Humanitarian Corridors project, as he described how it maintains refugees’ safety in a humane way.

Humanitarian Corridors established in 2016 have allowed over 5,300 refugees to enter Europe in addition to hosting 1,800 Ukrainian citizens, Vatican News website states.

The assembly was also attended by charity groups hosting refugees in Italy and leading the initiative. Refugees attending included families from Syria, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Ukraine.

The initiative came in response to the increasingly grave situation in the Mediterranean Sea. Refugees trying to flee “situations of uncertainty, danger and endless waiting” in their home lands are usually vulnerable to smuggling and human trafficking. This, consequently, have turned the Mediterranean Sea into a “cemetery.”

Within the initiative’s framework, asylum candidates are identified and provided refugee on humanitarian basis. Upon arrival, refugees are provided with housing, education and work opportunities from church groups.

The Pope referred to how integration is a crucial part in the migrants’ journey. “Humanitarian corridors not only aim to bring refugees to Italy and other European countries… they also work toward integration,” the Pope is quoted to say.

Pope Francis highlighted how Humanitarian Corridors contributed to dismantling the walls of indifference. Showing hospitality to those in need, the Pope stated, points towards a way forward for Europe (to) avoid its remaining… fearful, and lacking vision for the future.




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