Project of printing industries city in front of Ganzoury in a week

Printing Industries Chamber of the Egyptian Industries Federation is studying a new project of establishing a city for printing industries, in preparation for proposing it to the Council of Ministers, within the next week.

Engineer Khaled Abdo- President of the chamber- clarified that they will make a request to the government in regard of dedicating 3000 acres to establish this project, mentioning that the chamber and the investors will take over the responsibility of constructing all of the units and buildings without any the governmental aid, as long as the land is provided with all facilities and utilities.

Khaled said that the establishment of such a city will achieve multiple objectives represented in achieving the integration of various printing industries, creating employment opportunities, and bringing new technology.

He added that the existence of such integrated city will work on attracting investments to Egypt in the field of printing, because the city includes all of the large, medium, and small units covering all fields of printing.

The president of the chamber confirmed that bringing development and modernization in the printing industry is mainly associated with the presence of integration in the industry that goes through multiple stages, and he added that the existence of units and presses in one place facilitates the process of integration between these different stages.

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