Public Transport Workers are on Strike for the Eighth Day

Public Transport workers in Cairo continue today, Thursday, their strike for the eighth day; although the cabinet’s promises they had yesterday.

Ismail Mohammed, Secretary General of Independent Association Fund in public Transport Authority in Cairo, said that a delegation of Egypt’s cabinet and some of MPs negotiated with the workers’ representatives. The negotiation resulted in joining the authority to the ministry next May, but the workers refused to end their strike.

Isamil added that the workers were promised to meet Cairo governor Abdel Kawi Khalifa next Sunday for disclaiming his responsibility; paving the way for joining it to the ministry of transport.

It was mentioned that 27 garages of the authority stopped working as a result of not meeting the workers demands. This led to paralyzing the traffic throughout the week on Cairo streets. It also led to going up fares of taxis and micro-buses.

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