“1980 and Above”, A LE10-ticket Play to Unique Portrait of Egypt’s Youth

“1980 and above” (youth who were born in the 1980s) is a play, written and performed by a group of Egyptian youth, whose the eldest is 35 years old.

A LE10 – ticket gives you a marvelous extraordinary potion of different feelings; happiness, sadness, nostalgia for old days, and hope.

The play, by different sketches, shows life from youth’s perception in Egypt, it presents their daily life satirically, criticizes the negative aspects of nowadays society in the light of the country’s political situation since 2011.

Despite the humble and simple decorations, the young women and men’s performances were great! They make you feel extremely happy and then you find your heart deeply crying inside!

The actors’ performance is so real to the extent that you feel that they are talking about you, they make you feel as if your life is presented in front of your eyes.

Portraying Sketches

One of the sketches shows a young man selling tooth brushes in order to get some money to buy an apartment so that he would marry his beloved.

On the other side, the sketch also shows how the society sees and deals with the 29-unmarried young women and how she feels towards her unaccomplished dream of independence, love, raising a family. Finally, her last and yet sole decision is to keep waiting for the beloved one despite the fact that she knows deep inside that their dream to reunite is far far away.

The show is perfectly done, besides actors’ performance, the sound tracks and lights effects successfully presented the show in its gorgeous picture.

Another sketch shows the nostalgia that youth feel nowadays, the nostalgia for old days; days when we felt everything purely, when we used to enjoy every day in our lives, when we were living without any pending sadness or gloominess, with pure innocent and clear vision for tomorrow.

Despite all the obstacles we face, the show asserted that there is a light at the end of the tunnel; your depression should not blind you to see and seek for hope.

Another sketch shows what the youth feel – represented in two young men in a trip- with the obstacles they face in the middle of the way and the questions they cannot solve; should they finish their way or should they get back to the starting point? Shall they finish their trip alone? Will they reach their destination?

The sketch ends with the two young men deciding to finish their trip and face the obstacles they would face, accompanying their friends and overcoming whatever they face together.

The show also presented some of Egypt’s political situations satirically and some of societies’ shallow and unfair outlook for women.

You’ll Never Regret!

If you were born in 1980 or after, you should attend this show and I guarantee you would find more real sketches and have a great mix of feelings.

To sum up, the show is an only LE10 -ticket elegant masterpiece to attend!