Qatar’s Al Khaliji Offers New Structured Deposits

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (Al Khaliji), Qatari lender, has announced the launch of three new structured deposits linked to different underlying Investments. The ‘Al Khaliji Global Government Bond Structured Deposit’, ‘Al Khaliji VC Commodity Autopilot Index Structured Deposit’, and ‘Al Khaliji Exotic Gold Structured Deposit’ all offer 100 percent capital protection at maturity, and enable customers  to benefit from any growth in the underlying investments.

“At a time of highly volatile commodity and capital markets, clients are reluctant.  However, our structured deposits provide confidence and security by guaranteeing at least 100 percent of the capital back at maturity plus the performance generated by the underlying investment.  These products are especially geared towards our Premium customers, and meet their requirements for innovative investment opportunities,” said Andrew Ball, Group Head of Consumer Banking.

With investors a bit wary about putting money into long-term funds in this time of economic uncertainty, Al Khaliji’s structured deposits are devised to allay fears by providing relatively short-term maturity periods for the products – ranging from one year to three, The Peninsula Qatar reported.
Arfat Qayyum, Head of Premium Banking and Product Management, said: “These products are offered with full transparency to the investor, in line with our corporate governance policies. No hidden fees and no surprises – this is how we work.”

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