Safaga Port to receive Egyptian Coming from Gulf Countries

Authorities of Safaga port started its preparations for the holiday season and the return of Egyptian workers from Gulf countries. The port prepares three ships to work on the maritime line (Safaga- Taba).

Maj. Gen Atef Imam- the head of Safaga port- said the coming month will witness the returning of Egyptian workers from different Gulf countries in holidays; referring that the port’s authorities, jointly with the owners of maritime proxies, prepare to operate the three ships.

He added that the coming days will witness a big turnout from the pilgrims during the tours of Ragab, Shaba’an and Ramdan months.

All the preparations have been early set in coordination with the local unit of Safaga and security apparatus. This is to facilitate the arrival of Egyptians. The port also plans to transfer the cargo ships and exporting the agricultural corps and Egyptian products to Gulf countries, Imam said.

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