SAIB honors Hassan Abbas Zaky

Societe Arabe Internationale de Banque (SAIB) held on Sunday an honoring ceremony for Dr. Hassan Abbas Zaky, the former chairman of SAIB, in recognition of his efforts in the last 40 years, full of achievements as SAIB under his leadership achieved high growth rates.

The ceremony was attended by SAIB’s board members and top businessmen, politicians and banks’ presidents.

Abbas Zaky had chaired SAIB’s board since 1973 till the end of last month. Zaky also is a chairman at Arab International Company for Hotels and Tourism, member of Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar University, chairman of International Company for Leasing (Incolease), head of International Association for Islamic Studies and Documentation, head of The Islamic Sheikh Judge Association in Benha, and a member at Scientific Institute.

Abbas Zaky was born in 1917 in Port Said City where he was raised in a religious family.

Abbas Zaky is a graduate of Faculty of Commerce, Economics section. He was a commercial secretary in Egypt’s Embassy in Washington in 1952, a member with Egyptian mission at United Nations in 1957, minister of economy and national development from 1958 to 1962, minister of foreign trade from 1965 to 1971, economic consultant to UAE’s ruler and consultant to Sudan’s president.

Abbas Zaky is a senior economist who had contributed economics science. He also has great opinions besides making a lot of achievements.

Abbas Zaky succeeded in releasing Egypt’s Sterling balances in 1959 in value to 90 million pounds, providing the required approvals to start television broadcasting on July 21st 1960, and persuading former President Nasser to exempt farmers from Agricultural Credit Bank’s interest rates in July 22nd 1961.

Abbas Zaky received Egyptian First Degree Order of Merit, Order of the Two Niles from Sudan, Yugoslav’s Order of Merit of the third degree, Congo Democratic Republic Order of Merit Knight, Romania’s Order of Merit, Greece’s Order of Merit and Somalia’s Order of Merit.

Abbas Zaky attended many conferences and seminars in Egypt and globally such as Developing Countries Conference, International Monetary Fund’s meetings, Islamic banks governors meetings, Evaluation of Islamic Bank Results Committee, International Conference for parliamentary Union and Islamic Awareness Conferences.

Abbas Zaky also participated in many international and Arab committees and authorities including head of committee negotiating with British Authority after 1956 to release Egypt’s balances in Britain, head of planning and budget committee at the People’s Assembly (Lower House of Parliament) and head of Arab Funds Committee.