Samsung Begins First Production Stage at Massive Factory in Beni Suef

Samsung, the global leader in electronics, began the first stages of production at its massive electronics factory in Beni Suef aiming to supply the Egyptian market with the latest global technology in LED screens manufacture as well as provide thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities to Beni Suef citizens in the heart of Upper Egypt.

Duke Park, General Manager of Samsung Egypt, stated, “In light of Egypt’s geographic advantages in addition to its natural and human resources, Samsung will establish its first factory in Egypt making it the primary market for Samsung in the Middle East.”

Kinam Lee, Samsung Factory CEO in Egypt, added, “The establishment of this factory will turn Egypt into a regional hub for the manufacture and export of Samsung products to all Middle East markets, which will create an opportunity to expand core strategic investments.”

The opening of Samsung’s factory in Egypt sends a strong message encouraging investors to increase their investments in the Egyptian market. The successful establishment of Samsung’s massive manufacturing project and the creation of thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities for Beni Suef citizens, who have received the latest technology training at the Samsung Academy to prepare them to use the most advanced equipment in the factory, is an extremely positive sign for investors seeking to expand in the Egyptian market.

Samsung adheres to a simple philosophy in managing its factory in Egypt, which focuses on talent and technology to create high-quality products and providing services that contribute to building a better society.  Samsung provides thousands of job opportunities by searching for the best talents around the world and securing the resources they need as well as training them to ensure that in the end Samsung products are the best in the market.