Samsung Egypt Eyes Selling 11 Million Phones, 65% Market Share this Year

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Samsung Electronic-Egypt mobile unit is aiming to sell about 11 million new mobile phone devices within the current year.

An official source in Samsung said the total expected volume of smart phones market in Egypt in 2014 are around 17 million, so Samsung’s stake ups around 65%.

In statements to Amwal Al Ghad on Saturday, the source noted that Samsung’s market share witnesses 100% annual growth rate since 3 years as in 2012 the market share of the company was 15% and in 2013 it doubled to capture 35% in addition to during the current year it became about 60-65% according to financial statistics of GFK (GFK.DE).

Samsung is focusing on offering new products package in the Egyptian market in conjunction with its launching in the global markets, stressing that Egyptians meet Smartphone with highly demand witnessing a remarkable increase in recent years.