Sarkozy: Europe leads Palestinian-Israeli Peace Talks

France and all Europe should take the initiative to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, French President Nicolas Sarkozy told French television in an interview.
Sarkozy also promised that if re-elected he would visit the Palestinian and Israeli territories.
He regrets that Europe has not been more “determined,” referring to the stalled international attempts to revive the halted Palestinian-Israeli peace process.
Both Palestinian and Israeli people have been living side-by-side for years, they should understand each others’ desire to create their own state, and there is nothing more crucial than forcing them into constructive dialogue, Sarkozy stressed. 2012 can be the year of peace in the Middle East he added.

Due to the US presidential elections, Sarkozy doubts that the US would be able to play its role as the main guarantor of the Middle East peace process, yet his country will take the lead in such matter, as reported to KUNA,he said.
First round of the French elections kicks off April 22, where the re-run is scheduled for May. Polls predicted that recent Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande, overtaking the outgoing President Sarkozy in the first round of elections.