Saudi-German Health with Egypt’s UPA organise African Medical Conference

Saudi-German Health Hospital organized on Monday the conference’s management along with The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement, Supply, and Medical Supply (UPA). The conference discusses the focus of digital transformation through modern applications, smart management solutions, and digital connectivity tools.

In line with the country’s trends in moving towards the development of health care and promoting Egyptian leadership on the African continent, Saudi-German Health announced that it organized a conference on health care management in cooperation with UPA and its President, Major General Dr. Bahaa Zidan, on the sidelines of its participation in the first African Medical Conference – Africa Health ExCon.

The Healthcare Management Conference is scheduled to host more than 56 healthcare expert speakers, while 44 of the total speakers will participate in representatives from around the world with leading and successful experiences in the development plans of the health system, and the conference. It includes more than 10 sessions over 3 days, aims to discuss many topics related to the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare system in Egypt. In addition to the several discussion sessions, keynotes, and presentations. The Presentations are to convey the global experiences of the Egyptian market and the African continent.

Dr.  Mohammed Hablas, Regional Director of Saudi-German Health Egypt, and North Africa expressed his great happiness at the convening of this unique event in the Egyptian capital. It is a strong message indicating Egypt’s leading position in the African continent and its future vision towards the advancement of the healthcare system, one of the main pillars of Egypt’s vision for sustainable development 2030.

“Our vision to contribute to the development of the future of healthcare in Egypt and the African continent stems from our confidence in the Saudi-German health strategy and its ability to provide a number of health development hubs under its main umbrella. Most notably the focus of investment in healthcare, the hub of the establishment and management of educational medical facilities. It also includes hospitals, and medical centers, and the hub of digital transformation through modern applications, smart management solutions, and digital connectivity tools. In addition to medical educational cities and academies to develop performance, and human skills.” Hablas concluded.

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