Shafiq, Mursi in Egypt’s Runoff

The body overseeing Egypt’s presidential election said on Monday the June run-off would pit the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi against Ahmed Shafiq, Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister, confirming the results of last week’s first round of voting.

The electoral commission, in a televised news conference, said the turnout was 46.2 percent in the first round of the vote.

MB’s Candidate Mohamed Morsi came first with 5764952 votes, while the ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq came at the second rank with 5505327. The leftist Hamdeen Sabahy came third with 4820273. The former MB’s member Abdel Moneim Abou Al Fotouh got 4652239, followed by the former chief of Arab League Amr Moussa, 2558885. Mohamed Selim Al Awa got 235274. Khaled Ali got 134056. Hesham Al Bastawisy got 29189, followed by Mahmoud Galal, 23992. Abdallah Al Ashaal, 23889. Hossam Khairallah, 22036.