Sisi: Egypt’s fight against terrorism to not end without popular determination

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said the fight against terrorism would not end without popular determination, adding that “I want the nation’s purpose to be eradicating terrorism and prioritising Egypt’s interests.”

Sisi highlighted in a statement on his official Facebook page late on Friday the vital role the Egyptian army plays in the fight against terrorism, saying the army was the stumbling block that halts the ambitions of the malicious.

He said terrorism was still trying to hijack the country, but we are resilient, fighting back with all of our might.

In an official statement issued by the General Command of the Armed Forces on Friday, Egypt’s Armed Forces said it destroyed dozens of terrorist hideouts and killed 118 takfiri elements in north and central Sinai during its operations to eliminate terrorism in all strategic directions in the country in the past period.

The Armed Forces added an army officer and nine soldiers were killed and injured during these operations.

Source: Ahram Online