Suez Canal Life Eyes Third Rank in Insurance Market by 2016 :MD

Ahmed Shoukry, managing director of Suez Canal Life Insurance Company revealed his company’s strategy within the coming two years which aiming to capture the third place from the total value of insurance companies’ capital markets, so the premiums volume became EGP500 million during the fiscal year of 2015/2016.

Shoukry  has quoted Amwal Al Ghad Arabic Magazine in an interview , stressing that Suez Life focuses on 5 mainly axes entire the market including the improvement of the agreement conditions of reinsurance companies, the development of the technical performance for the employees in addition to achieving the geographic penetration as well as offering new insurance products that contribute in alluring various categories of clients.

He further explained that his company intends to re-address the reinsurers for the issuance of personal documents incidents of police after the stability of the political and security situation, despite their rejection earlier as a result of political turmoil beside repeating bombings in police stations.